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In The Chronicles of McKinzie Baker: A Tenacious ThriveHER™ and her Little-Big World: I AM A DREAMER - The Bigger the Dream the Better! McKinzie shares her view from an eight-year old's eyes all while sharing about her Little-Big World. This curious and vibrantly tenacious eight-year old ThriveHER ™" shows us that WE ARE ALL SUPERSTARS and even the smallest person can dream BIG and achieve great things. She takes us on her a walk through her dreams and gives us small nuggets to take away and use. I AM A DREAMER - The Bigger the Dream the Better! is one of five books that chronicle this light-hearted princess' life. McKinzie Baker, is a Little-Big Girl and with her friends they show us love, selflessness, values, morals, good manners, asks lots of questions, and dare to lead with their minds. They take us down a path of innocence, happiness, laughter, tenacity, and brilliance from the eyes of babes (children). This book affirms the importance of speaking life, encouragement, favor, and positivity into others. When we love ourselves and dare to dream it makes LIFE worth living and giving to! Be sure to follow McKinzie Baker, The ThriveHER™" as she teaches us lesson after AMAZING little lesson in her forthcoming books. 

Thanks for your support!  All funds will be applied towards building McKinzie Baker's college fund! Book signing date forthcoming!!!


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Only God knows who you really are and the purpose for your existence in this world... If you have aspirations, then you surely have an idea of the path that you desire to take in life, even though you might not be sure how to go about getting there. Or perhaps you believe that the things that you yearn to achieve in life are not within your reach, or maybe you are not motivated to dedicate the necessary time and effort to Well guess what? You can accomplish any goal that you set your heart to achieve! Isn't that what you've always heard? What blessings or miracles did God award you with?



Now: $10.00 (S/H included)


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This beautiful collection of Poetry and Haikus exposes Sonya McKinzie's voice in a way that is extraordinarily intimate and unique. It is a book that is spiritually sensual and artistic. The Untraveled Path to the Land of Milk and Honey is unlike any of the five books written by Sonya and it will carry you on a journey that will expose you to poetry in its most unique and rawest form. You will be left with an unquenchable thirst to read more!

Price: $12.99

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As an Amazon Best-Seller, this book will walk you through the process of healing. It will teach you how to go from merely surviving to actually thriving. The author shares real-life experiences to help you relate and learn from her life. Every Woman who has ever been hurt or wounded must read this amazing book. You will be inspired, encouraged and equipped to take your life back! And go from Survivor to THRIVE-HER!


100% of proceeds from paperback copy sales will be sown into Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation's outreach efforts, events, and services.



Price: $17.95 (S/H included )

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Compiled by multi-bestselling author Cheryl Polote-Williamson, Soul Source brings us the stories of twenty-three women who transformed their adversities into joy and purpose — not because they found God, but because God found them. Within these pages are lessons in forgiveness, self-love, diligence, repentance, and faith. We invite you to read our testimonies and travel the journey where souls are nourished, lifted, and favored by the grace our source, the Almighty.


Price: $20.00 (S/H included)



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Perfectly Imperfect entwines poetry, narratives, spirituality, joy and heartache and carries individuals on an adventure that walks through brokenness. Sonya McKinzie has a way of breaking walls and revealing the beauty of spiritual, personal, and emotional growth. Her story brings a message of hope, love, and faith in the most broken hearts. Sonya is transparent with her life experiences and shares her struggles with abuse, spirituality, insecurity, and infertility. She shares how her secrets and shame chained her to a dark place that only God could have brought her from. Through her experiences, Sonya aspires to counsel, advocate, and inspire abuse victims.


Now: $10.00 (S/H included)

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Holiday Chords intertwines fantasy, holidays, and creativity from the minds of authors. These stories carry readers away with contemporary romance stories that tug on the chords of your heart with some love and cheer. Cozy up on the couch with a warm blanket and a nice hot drink and delve into these romantic goodies. 


Now: $13.95 (S/H included)

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Baby It's Cold Outside is an anthology that brings the warm and fuzzy feelings. Grab a glass of wine, snacks, and snuggle up on the sofa with this page turner for the rest of the night! 


Now: $13.95 (S/H included)

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