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Our Story:

ThriveHER INC, formerly known as the Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation by Sonya McKinzie. (also known as The ThriveHER (the trademarked brand name):

  1. Origins and Mission:

    • Founded in 2016, the organization initially operated under the name Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation.

    • Their mission was clear: to provide resources and support to underserved and marginalized communities, with a special focus on women and girls.

  2. Empowering Women and Girls:

    • ThriveHER™ Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women and girls realize their fullest potential.

    • Their initiatives are centered around coaching, mentoring, and educational opportunities, aiming to break the chains of violence and trauma.

    • The organization believes in the transformational journey from surviving to thriving.

  3. Programs and Services:

    • Hygiene & Care Packages: ThriveHER personally creates baskets containing immediate-need hygiene items, journals, motivational books, and pens. These are donated to women’s shelters in Georgia, supporting domestic violence victims and their children.

    • Referrals to Emergency Service Providers: Ensuring that those in need receive timely assistance.

    • Annual Survivors Brunch & Support Social: A gathering to uplift survivors and provide emotional support.

    • Girls of Virtue Empowered Program (G.O.V.E.S): Coaching and mentorship for young ladies.

    • ThriveHER Self-Care Book & Workbook: Encouraging self-care practices.

    • ThriveHER Cares: Quarterly Support Group for survivors of abuse

  4. Remembering the elders Program:

    • A heartwarming program was created in honor of Sonya McKinzie’s grandmother. This thoughtful initiative aims to recognize and bring joy to senior citizens residing in a local nursing home during the Christmas season. Sonya McKinzie and her mother, Barbara Green, work together to select 20-25 senior citizens’ names from the Angel Tree. They then fulfill these seniors’ heartfelt wishes by providing carefully chosen gifts. Additionally, Barbara Green personally handcrafts cozy lap throws, which she lovingly delivers to the nursing home in Brunswick. With elf ears and sparkling lights, they spread warmth and happiness among the nursing home residents​

  5. Geographic Reach:

    • ThriveHER operates in various locations within and surrounding Atlanta, Georgia area.

    • Their impact extends beyond local boundaries, reaching girls and women across the United States.

  6. Leadership:

    • The organization is led by Sonya McKinzie, a visionary committed to empowering women and fostering growth.

    • Sonya’s dedication and passion have been instrumental in shaping ThriveHER’s journey.

In summary, ThriveHER Inc’s evolution from Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation reflects their unwavering commitment to uplifting women, providing essential resources, and creating a sustainable platform for growth.


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