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ThriveHER Hygiene & Self-Care Kits

ThriveHER Self-Care Kits bring joy and rejuvenation right to your fingertips! Each kit includes:A beautifully branded self-care kit specifically for survivors of abuse. The contents of the kits have been compassionately and intentionally selected to provide comfort, healing, and support during the recovery process. 


Some of the items included in the box are listed below:

​Aromatherapy & Essential Oils to create a calming atmosphere with scents like lavender or chamomile.

Fictional Books: Self-Help Books: Balance self-help with fiction. Reading can be both educational and an escape (The Unstoppable ThriveHER Book/Workbook (2024)).

Journal and Pens: Express your thoughts and emotions. Document your healing journey.

Affirmation Cards: Uplifting messages to reinforce positivity.

Essential Oils: Create a calming atmosphere with scents like lavender or chamomile.

​​​Remember, your ThriveHER self-care kit is a personalized toolkit for nurturing your mind, body, and soul. Be gentle with yourself, and know that you deserve care, love, and healing. At ThriveHER, we’re all about inspiring, empowering, and motivating continuous self-love and happiness. Our curated products, guided by Life Coaches, are designed to reduce stress and enhance your life. Whether you’re a ThriveHER or an EncouragHER, seeking inspiration and motivation, it’s time to unbox your sunshine and thrive! 



Self-Care Kits

Beta Testing Reviews

"The lavender candles and rosehip oil was absolutely amazing! I will buy again" - Michelle O.

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