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ThriveHER Preteen/Teen Mentorship Program

ThriveHER INC, founded by Sonya McKinzie, is a remarkable organization that focuses on empowering and uplifting teen and preteen girls. Their mentorship program aims to provide guidance, support, and inspiration to young girls as they navigate the challenges of adolescence and prepare for their future.

Butterflies Program ***Coming Soon***

Mentorship Program for Girls

The Blue Butterfly Program, a compassionate initiative by ThriveHER INC, provides essential support for children and teens aged 13 to 18 who have experienced the loss of a significant person in their lives. Here’s a brief summary:

  1. Purpose: The Blue Butterfly Program aims to help families navigate grief in healthy ways, with a special focus on children. It recognizes that grieving is a unique process for each individual and provides a safe space for healing.

  2. Services Offered:

    • Grief Support Groups: The program hosts regular support groups where children and teens can express their feelings, share experiences, and find solace.

    • Holistic Approach: By addressing emotional needs, fostering connections, and providing age-appropriate resources, the Blue Butterfly Program helps young individuals cope with loss and build resilience.

Building strong leaders

Girls that Volunteer

Girls of Virtue Mentorship Program

Through ThriveHER’s mentorship program, girls can expect:

  1. Positive Role Models: Experienced mentors who serve as positive role models, offering guidance, encouragement, and wisdom.

  2. Skill Development: Opportunities to develop essential life skills, including communication, leadership, and self-confidence.

  3. Emotional Well-Being: Strategies to manage emotions, build resilience, and maintain mental health.

  4. Relationship Building: Support in forming healthy relationships with peers, family, and community.

  5. Goal Setting: Assistance in setting and achieving personal and academic goals.

ThriveHER’s commitment to empowering young girls ensures that they grow into confident, resilient, and successful women who can follow their dreams without compromise!

ThriveHER INC offers exciting volunteer opportunities for teen girls who want to make a positive impact. By joining ThriveHER as a volunteer, these young change-makers can contribute to the growth and empowerment of historically underrepresented girls. Here are some ways they can get involved:

  1. Mentorship Programs:

    • Be a Mentor: Teen volunteers can serve as mentors to younger girls, providing guidance, encouragement, and friendship. Sharing experiences and being a positive role model can make a significant difference in their lives.

    • Support Group Facilitators: Assist in organizing and facilitating support groups where girls can express their feelings, share stories, and find solace.

  2. Event Planning and Execution:

    • ThriveHER Summits: Help organize and run events.These day-long gatherings provide interactive workshops and leadership development activities for middle school girls.

    • Workshops and Workgroups: Contribute to planning and executing workshops on topics like self-confidence, self-care, and goal setting.

  3. Community Outreach:

    • Spread the Word: Teen volunteers can be ambassadors for ThriveHER, promoting its mission and programs within their schools and communities.

    • Participate in Community Events: Represent ThriveHER at local events, fairs, or community gatherings.

  4. Creative Initiatives:

    • Content Creation: If they enjoy writing, art, or social media, teens can create content that inspires and educates other girls.

    • Fundraising Campaigns: Assist in organizing fundraising drives to support ThriveHER’s initiatives.

  5. Skill-Based Volunteering:

    • Tech Support: If they have tech skills, they can help maintain the organization’s website or assist with virtual events.

    • Graphic Design: Create eye-catching visuals for promotional materials.

Remember, volunteering with ThriveHER not only benefits the girls they serve but also provides valuable experiences and personal growth for the teen volunteers themselves. It’s a win-win!

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